SATURDAY JUNE 24: There will be NO access to the back parking lot on this date.

Library Mission and Policies

Mission Statement

The South Burlington Public Library strengthens our community through abundant resources,
including books; information; and opportunities to learn, share and grow.


Our Values

We support a vibrant community in a way that honors these values.
Inclusivity: We welcome everyone to pursue their interests, thoughts
and studies in an accessible space.
Equity: We strive to offer services and programs without bias.
Respect: We honor all patrons and celebrate differences.
Helpfulness: We assist our patrons in knowledgeable and friendly ways.
Credibility: We provide our patrons with high quality materials and resources.
Fulfillment: We guide our patrons in the joys of discovery.
Democracy: We support civic engagement and an informed citizenry.
Sustainability: We develop programs, services and collaborations that use resources responsibly.                  
Privacy: We protect patrons’ privacy and confidentiality.


Our Vision

The South Burlington Public Library is a community destination that welcomes
people of all ages and abilities. We foster individual inspiration, community connection, self-directed learning, and access to technology and information.
The Library is a vital resource for the residents and businesses of our growing city.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees on 8/8/2019



Our Policies