Library Foundation

Library Foundation

In 2018 the Board of Trustees created the South Burlington Library Foundation, a 501C-3 organization. The Foundation was formed for the sole purpose of supporting the educational and social mission of the Library, accepting and managing contributions for the benefit of the Library. The Foundation will be embarking on a capital campaign to support the new building.

The South Burlington Library Foundation (SBLF) is seeking applicants for the position of Capital Campaign Coordinator (part-time, contract labor.) 

The Capital Campaign Coordinator will support all officers and committees of the SBLF in the development and implementation of a SBLF Capital Campaign. 

For a detailed job description, please go to SBLF Campaign Coordinator

Interested candidates should submit a current resume and cover letter to by March 1. The cover letter should address comparable work experience, past successes, and a statement to convey an understanding of the value of libraries.