SATURDAY JUNE 24: There will be NO access to the back parking lot on this date.

Welcome to the Library of Things

The Library of Things is a collection of items - such as games, consumer electronics, and tools - that you can check out with your library card. Check out our Library of Things corner on the Second floor by Nonfiction & the Young Adult Loft.

How to Borrow an Item

Use the categories below to search through the items that we have in the Library of Things. You can browse by category, or by all items alphabetically. Place holds on an item by clicking on the Link to Catalog, and then signing into your Library account. Not sure how to sign in? Click here for a walkthrough guide

PLEASE NOTE: Our mobile hotspots are undergoing maintenance and are temporarily unavailable.

Donations & Requests
Looking to donate an item or request that we add an item to the Library of Things? Send us an email with your item details to