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Computers, WiFi, & Printing


The Library has desktop computers and laptops available to use within the Library. Using a computer and the WiFi network is free and available to everyone.

What do I need to use a computer?

Members of the South Burlington Public Library may use their library cards to use a computer. PC Cards are available to anyone who frequently wants to use our computers but will not borrow Library materials. Guest Cards are available to anyone else needing to use a computer.

How long can I use a computer?

The first session is 60 minutes, then a notice to ask for more time will come up. Two 60 minute additions are possible if nobody is waiting for a total of 180 minutes per day.  Public computers automatically shut down 15 minutes prior to Library closing.

How can I borrow a laptop?

The library has a number of Chromebook laptops for public use if you would rather find your own space to work on a computer. Laptop users are required to have a Library or PC Card and will need to complete a Laptop User Agreement. Library staff will ask to see an ID and we will hold on to your ID in a secure location until you are done with the laptop. 

User guides and quick-start guides for our Chromebooks can be provided upon request.

Do you offer computer help?

Yes, we has dedicated volunteers and staff to provide individual technology assistance appointments for free!


Do you have Wi-Fi?

Yes! It's free and open to everyone. Sign in!

Network: SBVT Public  Password: N/A 


Can I print?

Yes. It is $.20 per page for black and white documents. It is $.60 per page for color documents. 

Can I make copies?

Yes. It is $.20 per page for black and white documents. It is $.60 per page for color documents. 

Can I scan documents or pictures?

Yes, you can. It's completely free!

Can I print from anywhere with any device?

Yes! Follow the Mobile Printing instructions to print from email, through our MobilePrint Service, or with the PrinterOn app (Android or Apple iOS).

Is there a way for me to fax a document?

No, I'm sorry we don't have the ability to fax.