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July Art Wall Exhibit

a painting of layered rectangles and squares in many colors: Green, orange, yellow, purple, violet, cyan, blue, red, and maroon

Color in Motion by Joan Hartley Blunt Murray

Joan Hartley Blunt Murray will be displaying her exhibit titled "Color in Motion" on the library art wall this July. From Joan: "Color has been the primary focal point for me in my painting, taking different forms over the years. I have been painting since 1972 when I attended Hampshire College, doing work that had an abstract expressionist energy to it. My later work was more structured, which freed me to jump off into new arenas. I received my MA in Painting and Color Theory from Goddard College, exploring the use of two lines of color to create a third color. Later I moved to creating physical and visual layers on color through the use of cheesecloth and mixed media. My last show was in Burlington, VT prior to the pandemic, where I began to explore color and space. Today I'm engaged in a variations of color in motion."

BA Hampshire College 1974, MA Goddard College 1976, Vermont College MA program in Jungian Psychology 1992-1985

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