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The Great Courses on Kanopy

Kanopy, The Great Courses

Kanopy offers a fantastic selection of The Great Courses that cover a wide range of fascinating topics. Whether you’re interested in history, science, art, or personal growth, there’s something for everyone. These engaging lectures are delivered by top professors and experts, and you can watch them for free with your library card. Check out some of these courses.

  • Introduction to Astrophysics
    Plunge into the exciting quest to investigate everything beyond Earth through the laws of physics. Introduction to Astrophysics takes you step by step through the calculations that show how planets, stars, and galaxies work. In 24 episodes by noted astrophysicist Professor Joshua Winn, you’ll tour a universe of exploding stars, colliding black holes, dark matter, and other wonders.
  • Language and the Mind
    In 24 fascinating episodes, Dr. Spencer Kelly, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Colgate University, takes you on a fascinating journey to explore questions about the origin of the human mind, what makes our communication so much different than other animals, whether or not language itself influences thought, and how babies learn their native language without direct teaching.
  • The Other Side of History: Daily Life in the Ancient World
    Go beyond the abstract dates and figures, kings and queens, and battles and wars that make up so many historical accounts in The Other Side of History: Daily Life in the Ancient World. In 48 richly detailed lectures, Professor Robert Garland of Colgate University covers the breadth and depth of human history from the perspective of the so-called ordinary people.
  • Real Zen for Real Life
    With the academic purview of a philosophy professor, the view of an academic scholar, and the spiritual experience of a practitioner and teacher of Zen, Professor Bret W. Davis' Real Zen for Real Life reflects the push and pull between Eastern and Western traditions and cultures with the goal of making the study and practice of Zen more accessible and engaging to all viewers.

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