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New Library


Construction is booming on the new South Burlington Public Library and City Hall!  Check out this slide show!

You can still watch a time lapse video of all that has happened so far. Using Chrome, click here to go to the 180 Market Street project. 

To see how far we’ve come, go to the left column and click on Time Lapses. Scroll down to select your view. Two views offer updates every 15 minutes and the other two update every hour. If you want to change the speed, go to the bottom right and click on 1X. .25 is the slowest option; 4 is the fastest.

Kids, time lapse is cool to watch, and so are stories! When you get a chance to find them, try Mighty, Mighty Construction Site and Good Night Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom Lichenheld. 

Have fun!

The South Burlington Public Library is in transition!

While we have found a temporary home in the University Mall, we will soon be moving on to the Library+City Hall+Senior Center that is under construction at 180 Market Street. Set to open to the public in summer 2021, this beautiful building will serve as a place where community members can gather, socialize, and engage in educational and recreational activities and civic participation. We are very excited to have a soon-to-be home here!  Until then, visit us at our location in the University Mall.

For more information about the new building, please see the City of South Burlington's website